Present Perfect Vs. Past Simple Speaking
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LEVEL: A2-B2 (Extendable)
AGE: Adults/Teenagers
SYNOPSIS: Students practice the difference between the usage of Present Perfect and Past Simple in speaking to find out more information
LANGUAGE FOCUS: Grammar accuracy.
EXAM FOCUS: Accuracy, fluency, discource
TIME: 15-50+ minutes
INTERACTION: Pairs or small groups.

[callout3] The point of this game is for students to master the difference between Present Perfect and the usage of Past Simple.[/callout3]

Present Perfect vs Past Simple Procedure:

1. BEFORE going to class, make sure you download and cut up the Present Perfect vs Past Simple question cards and that you have taught the two structures so students are familiar with the form and the usage of both the Present Perfect and the Past Simple.

2. Divide the class into pairs or small groups and place the topic cards face down in front for them.

3. Have one student answer the first Present Perfect question, and then the other students in the group ask the follow up questions in the Past Simple.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: you can increase the difficulty of this activity by setting a time limit for students to speak about the topic. Students would then lose points for every Past Simple question the other students have to ask them to help them keep talking.

The point of this game is for students to master the differences between the Present Perfect and the Past Simple.

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ESL Grammar Game; Present Perfect vs Past Simple Speaking Cards:) (PDF)

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