*FREE: Present Perfect Speaking Cards

Looking for an easy way for your students to get speaking with the Present Perfect?

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LEVEL: Elementary to Advanced (as revision)
AGE: Adults
SYNOPSIS: Students work in pairs asking and answer questions in the Present Perfect (with the possibility to add a Past Simple contrast if needed).
LANGUAGE FOCUS: Present Perfect, Past Simple
TIME: 15-35 minutes
INTERACTION: Pairs, small groups
VOCABULARY: frog legs, camel, volunteer, overseas, to be robbed, laugh at someone


[callout3]The purpose of this activity is to give students prompts in which to practice the Present Perfect together in pairs or small groups.[/callout3]


the examples in "target language" mimic more standardized language targeted in the actual activities.

A: Have you ever attacked someone who didn't expect it?

B: Yes, I have.

A: What did you do?

B: It was on April Fool's day and I took a bucket of water and completely plastered a group of teenagers from my balcony window. It was so funny.

A: Hahaha!


  1. Cut out a set of the Present Perfect Speaking Cards for every pair/small group in the class. The cards are ordered so that the first page should be used at the end of elementary, the second page for pre-intermediate, and so on. Please note - these are for ADULTS and contain thematic content which could potentially not be suitable for teenagers. Please see the Teenager Present Perfect Speaking Cards for a younger audience.
  2. For elementary students, they can do a  Q & A session in pairs of small groups after you've practiced one or two cards as a whole class. For proceeding levels, you should be able to hand out the cards and let the students go at it.
    • If you are highlighting the difference between Present Perfect and Past Simple please make sure to have the students ask follow up questions after the initial question has been posed.


  1. After all the cards have been passed around/ asked and answered - break the students into new pairs/small groups and have them report to their new speaking partners what their old partners said. This will allow students practice changing subject-verb agreements.
  2. Have students write down a few of their own questions and play a CORRECT/INCORRECT game. Collect the sentences from the students and divide the class into two groups. Read each sentence the students have written and give a point to the team which can identify if the grammar of the sentence is OK or if it's incorrect.

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Present Perfect Speaking Cards

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  1. Katie Kowalska May 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Thanks Josh! These cards were just what I was looking for! They worked great! If you have some time could you put together something for the Present Perfect and the Past Simple? Great work Josh!


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