Lost in the Woods: Narrative Role Play Mystery

Take your students on an adventure through Gloomy Vale Narrative tenses have never been more interesting to speak about! CEF: C1-C2 AGE: Adults & Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students try to solve a missing person mystery in the forest via a role-play activity LANGUAGE FOCUS: Fluency in narrative tenses, reported speech, indirect questions, and nature vocabulary TIME: […]

You flirt, I flirt, we all flirt!

Discussion and Reading: I flirt, you flirt, we all flirt!

Are you students yawning already? This is kryptonite to boredom! Spice up your students’ lives today with a dating discussion and reading activity! LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced CEF B1-C1 AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Students discuss and read about dating customs and habits around the world LANGUAGE FOCUS: Reading/Speaking fluency TIME: 45-90 minutes INTERACTION: Pairs, small groups […]

*FREE: Present Perfect Speaking Cards

Looking for an easy way for your students to get speaking with the Present Perfect? There’s no easier way than with our Present Perfect question cards! Download for FREE today and get your students speaking! LEVEL: Elementary to Advanced (as revision) AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Students work in pairs asking and answer questions in the Present […]

Classroom Hero Grab-and-Go ESL Printables

Tired of the same ol’-same ol’ in your lessons? Us too. That’s why we decided to create the Classroom Hero Grab-and-Go series for you ESL handouts, printables, lesson plans and photocopiable activities which will inspire you and your students. Let’s face it – if you’ve been teaching in the ESL industry for more than a […]