Intermediate Writing Activity:
Love Poems

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The language of love.

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AGE: Adults/Teenagers

SYNOPSIS: Students write a poem about love.

LANGUAGE FOCUS: Writing with a time pressure about personal information.

EXAM FOCUS: Writing accuracy.

TIME: 45-90+ minutes

INTERACTION: Solo, pair and group work.

VOCABULARY: Language of love.

The point of this activity is for students to create a powerful love poem while focusing on the writing process of preparation and editing.


1. BEFORE starting the main writing activity, have the students discuss the following questions in pairs or small groups:

1. Write down a list of 10 different ways a person can tell another person “I love you!”

2. When was the first time your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend told you: “I love you?”

3. Who was the first person you confessed your love to?

4. How do you know when you’re in love? Create a top-10 list of the ways you can tell you’re in love.

5. What’s the difference between love and lust?

6. How old were you when you had your your first kiss?

7. What did you think of your big love when you first saw them?

8. What qualities attracted you to them in the first place?

9. Do you think it’s better for couples to live together before they get married, or to wait until after they’ve gotten married? Which approach is better?

10. Is it socially/morally ok for couples to live together before they get married?

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