Intermediate Family Speaking Activity:
Family Feud!

Just when you thought your family was bad.

Negotiating skills have never been trickier, or more necessary than...

When there's a FAMILY FEUD!

AGE: Adults
SYNOPSIS: Group based activity where students negotiate and come to terms with family problems.
LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking fluency, family vocabulary.
EXAM FOCUS: Part one/two of the FCE/CAE/CPE speaking exam.
TIME: 45-60 minutes
INTERACTION: Pair work and group work.
VOCABULARY: instill, unruly, chores, to be pressured by someone, strict, smacking, fondest, have the liberty, nanny, day-care centre, siblings, breadwinner, nudity, a curfew, pull one’s own weight, a shopping spree, spoilt rotten

[callout3] The aim of this activity is for students to negotiate peace with difficult family members while being understanding yet assertive to develop their skills of negotiation.[/callout3]

Family Feud Warmers/Openers:

1. Copy and cut up a set of the Family Interview Cars, Family Negotiation Cards for each student and a set of Reality Situation Cards for each small group.

2. BEFORE starting the main activity:

(a) put the students in pairs or small groups and have them interview each other with the Family Interview Cards.

(b) have students discuss in pairs what “being assertive” means, whether this is seen as a positive trait or a negative trait in their country and to discuss why it’s  important to be assertive. After that, students should create a top-10 list of ways people can be assertive in their daily lives.

(c) have pairs develop a “how to be persuasive” guide, to be compared with the other students’ lists.

Family Feud Main Activity

3. Introduce the main activity by reading:

Your family has been having a difficult time recently, and different family members have rows practically all the time. Knowing that you want a happy family, your job is to try and get your way in the family, while still making peace with everyone.

4. Place students in small groups and hand out the Family Negotiation Cards to each student. Students take their card and the group members proceed to negotiate peace while winning points as stated on their cards.

The aim of this activity is for students to negotiate peace with difficult family members while being understanding yet assertive to develop their skills of negotiation.

Family Feud 2nd Activity

5.  Introduce the second main activity by reading:

You have been having some difficulties in your life recently, and need to sort them out. Read through the Reality Situation Cards I’m about to give you, explain the situation to your partner and then discuss together what you would do in those situations.

6. Place students in small groups or pairs and hand out the Reality Situation Cards. Students read through the situations, explain them to their partners or small groups and try to come up with the best solution.

Family Follow up:

1. Students work together in pairs or small groups, and discuss what they would do with the Reality Situation Cards.

2. Students can discuss in pairs or small groups the following issues:

1. Smacking children should be against the law.

2. Parents should teach their children how to drink responsibly.

3. Divorce should NEVER be an option if a couple has children.

4. Families should through their television away and spend time together.

5. Abortion. Should be illegal/legal?

3. Students can rank the situations in the 2nd Activity from worse to worst (1-8) and then compare in small groups. Students can then vote for the worst situation as a class.

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