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Pronunciation Warmer
Learn Chinese in 5 minutes!

Wai Yu Hia, Ti Cha? (What are you looking for on our amazing ESL activity resource site?) Boldly go where no ESL teacher has ever gone before! LEVEL: B1-C2 (Extendable) AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students try to match phonetic expressions with their implied meanings. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Pronunciation practice. EXAM FOCUS: Pronunciation. TIME: 5-15 minutes INTERACTION: Individual […]

Personal Information: Family Matters ESL Speaking Game

This is not another boring role play for personal information! Show your students how fun giving personal information can be with Family Matters LEVEL: Elementary CEF A1-A2 (Extendable) AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students speak about personal information using topic and vocabulary challenge cards LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking/Grammar fluency TIME: 45-90 minutes INTERACTION: Pairs, small groups VOCABULARY: interests, siblings, […]

Defining/Non-Defining relative clauses? Piece of cake!

Looking for your students to practice defining or non-defining relative clauses? Get them using them for what they were destined to be used: defining things that need it. CEF: B2-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Groupwork matching game where students define words, then write their own. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Accuracy in defining and non-defining relative clauses TIME: 10-45 […]