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Vocabulary Speaking Games: Cookin’ in the Kitchen

Looking for a fun way to get your students to learn vocabulary? Your answer is right here. They’ll be speaking up a storm with this fun activity! CEF: B1-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Groupwork description game where students describe kitchen appliances LANGUAGE FOCUS: Kitchen and Bathroom Vocabulary and fluency TIME: 10-45 minutes INTERACTION: Pairs, small groups, […]

ESL Reading Games: Dirty Secrets!

Everyone has a skeleton in the closet… what’s hiding in yours? Our ESL Reading Games: Shock & Awe Reading & Discussion series will grab your students’ attention and get them speaking! LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced CEF B1-C1 AGE: Adults (thematic language) SYNOPSIS: Students discuss and read about dirty secrets around the world LANGUAGE FOCUS: Reading/Speaking […]