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Intermediate Family Speaking Activity:
Family Feud!

Just when you thought your family was bad. Negotiating skills have never been trickier, or more necessary than… When there’s a FAMILY FEUD! LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Group based activity where students negotiate and come to terms with family problems. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking fluency, family vocabulary. EXAM FOCUS: Part one/two of the FCE/CAE/CPE speaking […]

First day of Class ESL Speaking Activity:
Opening Opinions

Do you need an ace in the hole for your first day of class? Start the year off on the right foot with Classroom Hero’s ‘Opening Opinions’ Intermediate ESL Speaking Activity LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Group-based activity where students ask for their classmates’ opinions to prove information about the class LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking fluency, […]

Healthy Habits
ESL Health and Fitness Speaking Activity

Health and Fitness just got a little healthier. Give your students a dose of Classroom Hero ESL Health and Fitness Speaking Game: Healthy Habits. LEVEL: A1-A2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Health and fitness class survey followed by health myths interviews & presentations. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Interview question, fluency on the topic of health and fitness and modals […]

Medical Mishaps
ESL Health and Medicine Hospital Role Play

Health and medicine speaking role play. This activity will make anyone’s health care system look good. ESL Hospital Role Play: Medical Mishaps LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Group role play where students try to identify the person responsible for a patient’s death. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Language of speculation, fluency in the issues of medicine and health […]

Personality Temperament Sorter
ESL Personality Speaking Activity

What does your personality say about you? Open the mysteries of your personality. ESL Personality Adjectives Speaking Activity. LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students survey partners to determine their personality type. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Personality adjectives and fluency. EXAM FOCUS: FCE / CAE Speaking Exam Part 1 and 4. TIME: 45-90 minutes INTERACTION: pair work VOCABULARY: […]

The Bonzurgle Heist
Past Simple and Past Continuous Speaking Game

Past simple and past continuous speaking games at their best. This time, let your students do all the work. ESL Alibi Interrogation Speaking Game: The Bonzurgle Heist. LEVEL: A1-A2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students create an alibi to escape justice from ace detectives looking for differences in suspect alibis. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Past simple, past continuous. EXAM […]