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Unsolved Mysteries
ESL Speaking Game for Relationships

Is there a skeleton in your closet? These spooky unsolved mysteries will keep your students talking long after class! ESL Speaking Game: Unsolved Mysteries. LEVEL: A1-A2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students read a mystery and come up with an explanation, and then defend their story by answering questions. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Narrative tenses, question tags. EXAM FOCUS: […]

Family Problems
ESL Family Speaking Activity

Every perfect family has a problem. Every. ESL Family and Love Speaking Game: Family Problems. LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students make moral judgements based on hypothetical situations and question prompts. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Language of persuasion, the family. EXAM FOCUS: FCE speaking exam part three. TIME: 45-90 minutes INTERACTION: Group work and pair work. VOCABULARY: […]

ESL Listening and Discussion:
Madonna – The Power of Goodbye

Do your students know how to listen? Build their inference and deduction skills with Madonna. Madonna: The Power of Goodbye ESL listening and discussion activity LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults and teenagers SYNOPSIS: Madonna’s “Power of Goodbye” is used to develop students listening comprehension and develop discussion on relationships, adoption and marriage. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Listening comprehension, […]

Oasis: Wonderwall
ESL Listening and Discussion: Conflicts & Emotions

Today is gonna be the day… Your students are gonna thank you! Oasis: Wonderwall ESL listening and discussion activity LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults and teenagers SYNOPSIS: Oasis Wonderwall listening and discussion about relationships, conflicts and emotions. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Listening comprehension, discussion. EXAM FOCUS: Listening and discourse development. TIME: 45-90 minutes INTERACTION: Individual, pair and group […]