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ESL Speaking and Reading Activity:
Pimp My Family Game

You’re a part of the Pimp-My-Family Foundation and have to award one lucky  family a lot of moola. Aren’t these ESL activities and games just great!? LEVEL: Advanced CEF C1-C2 AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Students evaluate which family they should award 250,000 EUROS. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking and reading fluency TIME: 90 minutes INTERACTION: Individual/Pairs in reading, […]

ESL Reading & Discussion:
Fashion Time!

Are you hot, or not? Your clothes and what you wear say more about you than you may have thought! Uncover the secrets of fashion and discover how exciting ESL can be! LEVEL: B2-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS:Discussion and reading on how fashion is important in our lives and how it portrays who we are without […]

Annoying habits are fun (to discuss)

This ESL Reading and Discussion is going to piss you off! Why didn’t you find this site earlier!? You haven’t seen Avatar!? Really! I love how at the very end Jake Sulley… LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced CEF B1-C1 AGE: Adults & Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students read and discuss about annoying habits LANGUAGE FOCUS: Reading/Speaking fluency TIME: […]

Defining/Non-Defining relative clauses? Piece of cake!

Looking for your students to practice defining or non-defining relative clauses? Get them using them for what they were destined to be used: defining things that need it. CEF: B2-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Groupwork matching game where students define words, then write their own. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Accuracy in defining and non-defining relative clauses TIME: 10-45 […]