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The Art of Being a Better ESL Teacher
ESL Teaching Methodology

Quotes by my students made about other teachers: “Most teachers are douches!” “My teacher doesn’t live in reality.” “My teacher can’t answer a question without the teacher book.” Let’s face it. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. It required lots of planning, gets minimal compensation, endless bureaucracy and the teacher meetings make it […]

Elementary and Pre-Intermediate Debates
A How-to Guru Guide =)

“Guru guide!? Look, they’re elementary students – they can’t debate.” Yes. They can. No. They can’t. Actually, it’s quite simple to get your Elementary students speaking up a (structured) storm with our guide to ESL Debates for Elementary and Pre-Intermediate students. Debates are one of the most powerful ways that you can get students to […]

Pre-Teaching Vocabulary vs Post-Teaching Vocabulary: The Gloves Come Off!

Pre-teach Vocabulary! No! Post-Teach Vocabulary!! In the red corner, we have Pre-Teach. In the blue corner, we have Post-Teach vocabulary…. Who do we cheer for!? For any CELTA certified teacher, most of us say “pre-teaching vocabulary is the cornerstone of understanding.” For any of us non-CELTA certified teachers, we say “what’s pre-teaching or post-teaching vocabulary?” […]

How to teach “conversation” – a Guru Guide

Teaching conversation can be fun, demanding or a total disaster! What makes the difference when it comes to teaching ‘communication’? My business depends on the highest level of English language instruction possible in a highly competitive market. That should interest you because I hire a lot of people, and know what to look for. In […]

ESL Methodology Guru Guide: Recycling Vocabulary

ESL Methodology Guru Guide: Advanced Activities for Recycling Vocabulary Step inside the Guru Guide classroom for a moment and discover the importance of recycling vocabulary in your lessons! If we put our teaching glasses on for a few minutes (they’re very, very pink of course) we can imagine a world where every student is just […]