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Healthy Habits
ESL Health and Fitness Speaking Activity

Health and Fitness just got a little healthier. Give your students a dose of Classroom Hero ESL Health and Fitness Speaking Game: Healthy Habits. LEVEL: A1-A2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Health and fitness class survey followed by health myths interviews & presentations. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Interview question, fluency on the topic of health and fitness and modals […]

Medical Mishaps
ESL Health and Medicine Hospital Role Play

Health and medicine speaking role play. This activity will make anyone’s health care system look good. ESL Hospital Role Play: Medical Mishaps LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Group role play where students try to identify the person responsible for a patient’s death. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Language of speculation, fluency in the issues of medicine and health […]

The Lonely Island: Rocky
ESL Listening and Discussion: Sports & Violence

Don’t know what you heard. But your students need to be speaking like a talkative bird! Listen up and get in line! Cause as a Classroom Hero your students won’t notice the time! LEVEL: B1-C1 AGE: Adults (Thematic Material: Violence) SYNOPSIS: The Lonely Island “Rocky” listening and discussion about sports and violence in society. LANGUAGE […]