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Present Perfect Vs. Past Simple Speaking
FREE! Speaking Cards

Have you ever looked for the perfect Present Perfect topic cards? Did you go to Grab-and-Go ESL Lessons to get them? More than 50+ different interesting questions for your students to talk about! Just think – at 1 minute per topic, that’s 50+ minutes of non-stop speaking! LEVEL: A2-B2 (Extendable) AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students practice […]

Prepositions of Place Speaking Game: Bootyville Treasure Seekers

Get your Prepositions in Place and find the missing diamonds of Bootyville! Take your students on an adventure through Bootyville and the stolen diamonds of Shalong. LEVEL: Elementary CEF A1-A2 AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Students discuss and read about the missing diamonds of Shalong LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking/Grammar fluency TIME: 45-90 minutes INTERACTION: Pairs, small groups VOCABULARY: treasure, […]

Defining/Non-Defining relative clauses? Piece of cake!

Looking for your students to practice defining or non-defining relative clauses? Get them using them for what they were destined to be used: defining things that need it. CEF: B2-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Groupwork matching game where students define words, then write their own. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Accuracy in defining and non-defining relative clauses TIME: 10-45 […]

Present Simple Speaking Game: Neighbours in Need

Lies! Gossip! Rumours… all the ingredients of a perfect neighbourhood. This Present Simple role play if filled with all you’ll need to give your students focused, structured practice with positive, negative and question forms in the Present Simple! CEF: A1-A2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Group mingle activity where students exchange information about people to find someone […]

*FREE: Present Perfect Speaking Cards

Looking for an easy way for your students to get speaking with the Present Perfect? There’s no easier way than with our Present Perfect question cards! Download for FREE today and get your students speaking! LEVEL: Elementary to Advanced (as revision) AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Students work in pairs asking and answer questions in the Present […]