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Meals of a Lifetime
ESL Food and Drink Speaking Activity

This is an ESL Food and Drink teach-off. Tantalize your students’ imaginations with our… ESL Speaking Activity: Meals of a Lifetime LEVEL: B2 AGE: Adults SYNOPSIS: Students discuss which meals are best for specific occasions as expert food advisers. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Discourse management and fluency on the topic of food and drink. EXAM FOCUS: FCE/CAE […]

Rules of Etiquette
ESL Food & Drink Speaking Activity

A hungry Englishman is an angry Englishman What rules of etiquette are your students missing out on? ESL Speaking Activity: Rules of Etiquette LEVEL: A1-A2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Students learn about table etiquette around the world and and create a guide for people visiting their country. LANGUAGE FOCUS: food and drink, modals of obligation. EXAM […]