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Looking for Love
ESL Appearance Speaking Mystery

Meet Prince Vermin. He fell in love, but… doesn’t know with whom! Appearance and Personality Speaking Activity: Looking for Love LEVEL: B1-B2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Problem-solving activity, in which students try to identify the mystery woman a prince has fallen in love with. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Discourse management and fluency on the topic of appearance. EXAM […]

R.I.P. Jack Plaster
Narrative Tenses Speaking Game

Death doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, it can be very enriching… Especially when there’s a fortune up for grabs! LEVEL: B2-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS: Role play activity where students try to influence an estate attorney to give them ‘their’ share of Jack Plaster’s vast fortune. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Speaking fluency, appearance vocabulary. EXAM FOCUS: […]

ESL Reading & Discussion:
Fashion Time!

Are you hot, or not? Your clothes and what you wear say more about you than you may have thought! Uncover the secrets of fashion and discover how exciting ESL can be! LEVEL: B2-C2 AGE: Adults/Teenagers SYNOPSIS:Discussion and reading on how fashion is important in our lives and how it portrays who we are without […]

Adjectives of Appearance Speaking Game
Where’s Waldo!?

We’ve taken adjectives of appearance to a whole new level of fun! And learning effectiveness. Where’s Waldo speaking activity for your ESL Classroom! LEVEL: A1-B1 (Extendable) AGE: Adults/Teenagers/Children SYNOPSIS: Students ask questions to find their partner’s character. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Adjectives of appearance, descriptions. EXAM FOCUS: Grammar Accuracy. TIME: 25-35 minutes INTERACTION: Pair work. VOCABULARY: Students should […]

Adjectives of Appearance Speaking Game
Appearance Exchange Game

Ever wanted a partner that was svelte, tantalizing and seductive? Or are you the kind that prefers the dumpy, zaftig and butter-faced type!? This ESL Adjectives of Appearance Speaking Game will definitely make your students perky! LEVEL: Advanced FCE, CAE & CPE character adjectives worksheets included AGE: Adults (Thematic Adjectives) SYNOPSIS: Students try to sell […]