Advanced Writing Game:
Adventures of My Life

This choose your own adventure story is as real as it gets...

Your students will be writing up a personal storm with this advanced esl writing activity!

ESL Personal Information Writing Activity: Adventures of My Life.

AGE: Adults/Teenagers
SYNOPSIS: Students get to know each other by writing a choose your own adventure story about themselves/opinions.
LANGUAGE FOCUS: Writing with a time pressure about personal information.
EXAM FOCUS: Task completion for the CAE/CPE Writing Exam.
TIME: 45-90+ minutes
INTERACTION: Solo, pair and group work.
[callout3] The point of this activity is for students to get to know each other by writing about their lives using a set of topic cards and then interviewing each other to confirm student predictions.[/callout3]

Adventures of My Life Writing Procedure:


1. Copy and cut up one set of Life Adventures Cards for every student.

2. BEFORE starting the activity:

(a) put students in pairs and have them discuss what they would like to learn on the course most.

(b) write: 1) grammar; 2) speaking; 3) listening; 4) writing; 5) reading on the board and have students prepare a “how-to learn better” for each of the skills  and/or rank them according to personal needs/desires/importance.

(c) give students 3 minutes to create a 2-minute presentation outlining what’s most important in life for them personally. After the 3 minutes has passed, students work in pairs giving their presentations.

VARIATION: alternatively, write the following on the board and/or brainstorm with the class the following topics: 1) Me; 2) Family; 3) Work; 4) Free time; 5) My future and 6) My health. Students should put them in order of importance - and then create a “how-to have the best...” guide for the most important topic. Student can then present their “how-to” in pairs or to the class.

Main Writing Activity

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